Over 50 in attendance at charter meeting

AZGOP Chairman Robert Graham addresses the MCYRP charter meeting.

The Maricopa County Young Republican Professionals held their first meeting on April 21st at the AZGOP headquarters.

The meeting had a great turnout with over 50 motivated young conservatives in attendance to hear about the MCYRP’s vision for growing participation in the Republican Party. Many new members joined, like Legislative District 20 Representative Paul Boyer.

Maricopa County Republican Party 2nd Vice Chair, and fellow MCYRP member, Aaron Borders encouraged members to use this group as an opportunity to “push together in one direction” as we work for the common cause of the  Republican Party in our own communities across Maricopa County. Arizona Republican Party Chairman Robert Graham followed by sharing about the need for more involvement from our age group and the importance of engaging with under-served demographics.

MCYRP President Chris Herring was the last to speak and shared the vision for the organization. To continue to win elections in Maricopa County, we need to “attract new faces,” Herring said, “and to do that we need to do things differently.” He added that the party, “of right principles and right ideas must be the party of right actions.”

The evening ended with Community Engagement Director Nicole Fernandez giving a preview into upcoming May and June events. Visit our homepage to review our upcoming events and find the best way for you to get involved.

Maricopa County Republican Party 2nd VC Aaron Borders. MCYRP President Chris Herring.