1st GOP Debate Straw Poll


August 7, 2015

Governor Scott Walker Tops Post Debate Straw Poll Amongst Maricopa County Millennial Republicans

Phoenix, Arizona – Following an energetic debate amongst the top ten GOP candidates for President, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker took first place with 19% in the straw poll conducted by the Maricopa County Young Republican Professionals Club.  The poll asked more than 100 Millennial Republicans in attendance at a debate viewing party which candidate they would support for president from the ten that participated in the primetime Fox News debate.

The debate, at times, elicited cheers, claps and even some boos as candidates took jabs and hurled one-liners across the stage from those in attendance; however, the straw poll results reminded everyone that a clear victor for the 2016 GOP ticket has not yet risen to the top.  Reagan’s eleventh commandment stands as an apropos axiom for all Republicans as we push forward in the presidential primary process.  The full results of the straw poll are as follows:  Scott Walker (19%), Rand Paul (17.9%), Marco Rubio (13.1%), Ted Cruz (13.1%), Donald Trump (11.9%), Ben Carson (10.7%), John Kasich (7.1%), Jeb Bush (3.6%), Mike Huckabee (2.4%) and Chris Christie (1.2%).

“We were thrilled to have a standing room only crowd on-hand for the first GOP presidential debate and to officially kick-off the 2016 primary process,” said Maricopa County Young Republican Professionals President Chris Herring. “With more than 90% of those in attendance being under the age of 30 we feel passionately that Millennial voters are going to be a dominant force across the country in the 2016 election.  We look forward to an exciting race and look forward to the opportunities for Millennial Republicans to engage with all candidates as they make campaign stops in Arizona over the coming months.”