MCYRP Officers

Chris PicChris is currently a member of the AZGOP Executive Committee representing Congressional District 8. Chris also serves on the executive board for the Legislative District 21 Republican Committee as District Chairman. Additionally Chris is in the third year of a four year term with the Judicial Selection Advisory Commission for the city of Surprise. He is passionate about furthering the conservative message of the Republican Party Platform.




Lilia is an associate at Criterion Public Affairs and an underclassman at ASU’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication. Previously Lilia was a staff member in Congressman Paul Gosar’s Arizona office and the Arizona State Chairwomen of the Teenage Republicans. She has worked on numerous local, legislative, and statewide campaigns.





Nicole is a graduate of Arizona State University. She currently works as territory manager for RJ Reynolds and is a Precinct Committeeman in Legislative District 22. She enjoys helping better her community through community outreach and service. She is also a charter member of the Maricopa County Young Republican Professionals.





James Malone is a senior at Arizona State University studying Economics. He has political experience working with the Arizona Republican Party during the 2014 and 2016 election cycles. He is also a charter member of the Maricopa County Young Republican Professionals.





Brent Brooks, TreasurerBrent is a digital marketing professional and serves as a social media consultant and web developer to several organizations. Brent worked with several campaigns during the 2014 election cycle after moving to Arizona from Illinois with his wife Samantha. Brent currently serves as a Precinct Committeeman for Legislative District 24.